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A minority representing the interests of clinical psychologists has been reshaping the practice of psychology in Australia for the past 17 years, with far-reaching implications for non-clinical members, whose interests are not being represented.

At the last election, members voted for an unprecedented majority of non-clinical directors on the APS board – four out of 8 directors were non-clinical. That should have ended many years of domination of the board by clinical psychologists.

But this wonderful majority has been lost.

A resolution to SPILL THE BOARD will request that all current APS directors be removed – including the President, Vice President, the 5 General Directors (and incl. the 3 co-opted directors) – and a new election called for all positions.

If passed by 50% of members eligible to vote, all board members will vacate their positions and a new election will be called. This includes the President, the Vice President and the five General Directors. The co-opted directors will also be set aside.

We believe that a complete change of the board members would provide the most democratic solution to an intolerable situation. It would also end the inevitable succession of Presidents from the Clinical College, who have dominated the Society for the past 17 years.

We say we need a board that can convince government to bring in a fairer Medicare system and will fight for the survival of Better Access for the more than 65% of APS members who work in private practice.

More than 1,180 members have responded to the RAPS poll so far, 90% of whom have indicated they are ready to take action or are thinking about it.

The President’s promise that ‘no one group would dominate the board’ was untrue. The clinical faction is dominating the board with majority of 6/11 members. We may as well rename the society – the Australian Clinical Psychological Society (ACPS)!

The history of clinical domination since the year 2000 to some extent reflects the discipline of clinical members in forming a consistent voting block and the apparent reluctance – for whatever reason – of generalists and members of other colleges to participate.

The result is that for the past 17 years clinical psychologists have dominated the board, holding the key positions of power as President, President-Elect and Vice President. They have passed the baton to each other every year. Once again this year the Vice-President (elected on the president’s casting vote) is a clinical psychologist.

It’s time for all non-clinical members to wake up, stand up and speak up – and join our mobilising team. Or accept your fate!

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