RAPS Campaign Instructions

  1. TO SIGN THE SPILL, PLEASE PRINT OUT AND SIGN THE DOCUMENT BELOW AND SEND BACK THE SIGNED PAGE –  Call for a General Meeting to vote on the Spill          
    • email it to: apsreform@gmail.com, or
    • fax: 03 86159999 (Att: CXH), or
    • post: Reform APS, c/o CXH, Macpherson Kelley, GPO Box 1666,    Melbourne VIC 3001.

A scanned or photographed copy of your form (with signature and name clearly visible) can also be sent.You can read our Statement on the Spill here. If you have any problems, tell us here.


  • you can vote in person at the general meeting – here is where the general meetings will be held.
  • if you cant go to the general meeting, you can vote by proxy.


  • Download a PROXY FORM here and follow these instructions:
  • enter your personal details
  • nominate two (2) people who will definitely attend the meeting (see below if don’t know anyone)
  • sign and date the form

We recommend you nominate two RAPS representatives to make sure your vote is counted.                      (It doesn’t matter what State or Territory you live in)

  • Jenny Corran  – Suburb: Donvale, Victoria
  • Dr Sophie Bibrowska – Suburb: Elwood, Victoria

Please write on the form that they will be present at the venue in Melbourne.

Once completed, send your proxy form to the APS by:

Any mistakes and your vote could be used by the president in any way he likes!

You can see our reasons why we are against the changes here

Send your PROXY now before you forget to do it!