How to Vote by Proxy

We urgently need you to vote ‘NO’ to the special resolution on the governance changes at the APS general meeting on Tuesday, June 6th at 6.15 pm (AEST).  Read about why we are against it.

Here are VENUES for the general meetings in all States.

The proxy votes are crucial to the outcome of this vote. 


To make it easy we have prepared an PROXY form for you with the two RAPS representatives who will be present at the meeting in Melbourne. You can download a RAPS proxy form here.

If you wish to nominate your own representatives, you can download a blank proxy form here

Instructions – deadline is Sunday, June 4th at 6.15 pm

  1. Print off the form
  2. Complete the form and sign it (use the RAPS nominees or nominate two other people who will definitely go the the meeting).
  3. Send the form as an attachment via email to the APS at with PROXY FORM 2017 in the subject.
  4. Click on the receipt to show it has been opened by the APS – click the receipt box which can be found in Outlook under ‘options.’
  5. Alternatively put the form in the post before June 1st  to the APS using registered mail:
    1. The Executive Director, General Meeting Proxy Form, The Australian Psychological Society, Reply Paid 38, Flinders Lane VIC 8009
    2. or put it in the reply paid envelope that you have requested from the APS.
  6. Send a copy of your completed proxy form to RAPS                      (a photo on your smart phone will do).
  7. Any mistakes and your vote could be used by the president to vote as he wishes.

Send your PROXY now before you forget!