Counselling College’s email

From: “APS – CCOUNP – National” <>
Date: 27 September 2017 at 12:16:23 pm AEST
To: <name withheld>
Subject: Important Considerations

Hello fellow Counselling Psychology College Members,

There are two major things I wish to discuss with you

Firstly, the Competencies have been released and our lobbying has paid off. Thanks to Michael Di Mattia and others behind the scenes for all their hard work on rallying international as well as local people to put in submissions. All recommendations have been accepted.


These will take effect as of 1st January, 2019.  This puts us in a strong position to lobby Government for recognition for Counselling Psychologists to be eligible for Tier one Medicare rebates. I have spoken to Lyn Littlefield who has reminded me that the APS position has always been for Clinical Psychologists or other psychologists with specialist competencies  in mental health to be eligible for Tier one.

She explained the Government has not taken up the APS recommendation.  So what the APS has done up until now has not worked. So the question now is how do we get this recognition we deserve. I am talking with Lyn to see how this may be achieved. Any suggestions welcome.

Secondly, and separately from the Medicare Debate, we have two important actions to take in the next week.  One is to vote for a suitable candidate that might support the Counselling Psychology position.It may appear that there is only one candidate that might fulfil that role. But I like to add there are actually a couple of others who are worth considering. I don’t want to use this platform to promote anyone but if you want some suggestions please email me.

Be mindful that things don’t always appear to be exactly as they are presented. It is very important to vote so I urge you to consider carefully what you’re voting for and who will represent your vote authentically. The voting link is below:

Two is whether you agree with not spilling the current Board. If you can’t be at the AGM in Brisbane, please put in a proxyThe appointment of proxies must be completed by 1.00pm (AEST) Thursday, 5 October 2017The motions to spill the Board will be voted by a poll vote on the day. The motion for each Director will be addressed separately. I have chosen to be at  the AGM in Brisbane and so if you would like me to be your proxy please fill in the information in the link below

I know these are challenging times and many of the things we have to consider are complex and unclear.  I will do my best to inform you from my position but I urge you to become as informed as possible. It’s often the unseen repercussions that can be the most damaging.

Please take care and I hope to perhaps see some of you at the AGM.

Warm regards

Melissa Harte

Chair Counselling Psychology College


Sent by APS – College of Counselling Psychologists – National