Reform APS (R-APS) is a group of psychologists who have come together reunite the Australian psychologist community. R-APS is conserved with the currently a lack of fairness to Australians suffering psychologically based mental illness because of the two tiered Medicare rebate system.

The arbitrary, unfair and highly discriminatory distinction in the Medicare rebate system, Better Access Scheme, between clinical psychologists and other psychologists. This distinction between equally trained psychologists is unrelated to their skill, level of qualification or professional competence and, regrettably, Australia is the only country to make it.

Clinical psychologists are not the only psychologists equipped to deal with serious mental illness and there is no empirical evidence or theoretical basis to support the view that Clinical psychologists may be “best equipped” to do so.

The four key areas of change RAPS is pursuing:

  1. One Tier System – to provide clients with more effective and cost effective mental health treatment
  2. Special Resolution – to ensure greater representation and advocacy for non-clinical members on the board
  3. Governance Review – to ensure fair member representation on the APS board
  4. Anti-Competitive Practices to ACCC – to ensure fair and equitable rebates for clients and fair and equitable remuneration for professionals
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