Joe thanks RAPS supporters

“Dear RAPS supporters,

I have been amazed at the result. Amazed that all the non-clinicals were spilled.  Devastatingly atrocious. Very sad to lose some pretty marvellous people, with amazing knowledge and talent.

Amazed at the result of my election to the Board. I would like to thank everyone who went to the trouble of being involved, and voting to put me onto the Board.

There were some people who put in herculean efforts in contacting as many people as they could, and when I met them yesterday I was amazed at the generosity of spirit, and esprit de corps shown and commitment to believe in their actions.

I would also like to thank all those who went to the efforts of putting in the proxies, and all those who voted for me.

I am determined and committed. Thank you.”

Joe Gagliano

4 thoughts on “Joe thanks RAPS supporters

  1. Congratulations Joe

    It’s important to remember that the clinicals couldn’t vote for DGPP, only the Generalists. You supported RAPS and you won the generalists vote, that really does say something.

    Have fun Joe

    Kind Regards


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