This is what we are up against! 

The Clinical College is going all out to defend their two-tier system at any cost. We have to stop them NOW!!

Look at their latest email to their members. It is a with a highly professional video. Watch their video HERE

We urge you all to VOTE and assign your PROXY to Jenny and Sophie TODAY!

  • Voting closes at 10 am (AEST) on Friday 6 October 2017
  • Proxy closes at 1.00pm (AEST) Thursday, 5 October 2017.

Read instructions here

Keeping up the fight!,



12 thoughts on “This is what we are up against! 

  1. Harold, maybe you lucked in with a prospective employer not yet poisoned by APS and clinical propaganda. Good luck with your application. I hope you do well.

  2. I went for a Psych Job interview today.

    All the employer was interested in was two things: what experience I had and was I registered by A.H.P.R.A.

    Interesting, isn’t it, given the ongoing, political kerfuffle over Clinical and Non-Clincals?!

  3. Yes….highly professional and expensive video payed for by non-clinicals APS membership fees – no bang for buck there unless your a clinical psychologist…just more of the same disdain delivered in bucket loads.

    1. Hello Quill, I don’t think that’s true – the video would have been paid for by the allotment of a proportion of College members fees to the College to use. This is also the case with DGPP, all colleges, and all interest groups – a proportion of the fees paid by those who belong go to those particular groups. So I think you can be quite confident that you have not paid anything to the video.

      1. Colleges receive disproportionately large funding from the common purse contributed to by all APS members. DGPP is a division not a College. Will APS fund a professional Ad for the other opinions than the CCP? Will the Counselling College reply to the Clin College or will they stand in line for grandfathering or bridging promises of more hoop jumping to be guven the big Clinical tick?

        1. I don’t think that’s right Gregory based on my experience in the APS over the years and being exposed to treasurer and financial aspects. The Colleges do not receive a disproportionate amount of funding, if anything it is actually very small and Colleges only really make money to fund PD events through holding PD events. DGPP would also receive a proportion of fees paid. And I think we should also realise that anyone can make a video at home on their computer these days, so I’d suggest that there was likely no cost involved at all apart from the time taken by a College member to make it.

  4. Dear All

    Given that actions and behaviours of both the Clinical College and the Current board – should Reform be seeking advice regarding referring these action to the Electoral commission, or other governing body like the commission against corruption

    Regards Harold

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