How did this happen?

Registered psychologists are outraged. Their sense of betrayal is palpable. How

could it happen that the governing body of the APS could deliver the injustice of the

two-tier system to its members? Worse, having delivered this livelihood destroying

system, what has been the APS response but a tepid acknowledgement of the ‘hurt’

it has caused?

The two-tier system is a consequence of two factors:

1. The dominance of clinical members on the Board;

2. Decision-making remote from and indifferent to the wishes of the majority of


If nothing changes, nothing will change.

All registered psychologists now have an opportunity to make a change.

We must:

1. Vote place RAPS representatives in the vacant Director positions;

2. Support the motion for a spill at the AGM;

3. Ensure that all new members of the Board are committed to responsive and

consultative decision-making.

As I have written elsewhere:

Structural Reform: Psychological Community Forums

The current structure of Colleges, Divisions, and Interest Groups, creates division

and fragmentation. In this fragmentation of membership, the Board governs

independently. Psychological Community Forums (PCF’s) with registered members

local-community based would provide a unifying structure.

Psychologists practising in close proximity should be encouraged to establish a PCF with the following functions:

  • Mutual professional support, discussion and referral;
  • Informing their local communities of the benefits of psychology and publicising
    local psychologists;
  • Promoting ethical psychological practices;
  • Discussing policies and practices of the APS;
  • Providing information to the APS about local concerns.

The APS should encourage PCF’s by:

  • Submitting policy proposals for discussion and feedback
  • Modifying policies and practices to align with recommendations from PCF’s.

This is one proposal for improved consultative processes. All registered
psychologists should support members of the Board who will be responsive to, and
advocate for the wishes of all registered psychologists. We must reform the APS.

Vote for RAPS directors
Spill the Board

4 thoughts on “How did this happen?

  1. Given the unethical and unconstitutional behaviour of some of the clinicals in the election and spill vote, is it possible to contest any of clinicals who might get through? Can the entire election be ruled invalid because of this?

    1. Please help RAPS help us by saving pictures of your votes and proxies. If Michael, Kevin and Joseph are not elected on Board Positions and the Spill is not Successful, we will need as much evidence of the APS Clinical Clique’s illegal fraud to dispute their corrupt elections and clinicals. Non-Clinically Endorsed Lives Matter! Spill the Board! Elect Michael, Kevin and Joseph!

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