Why we need the spill?

If we are going to achieve a more representative board this year, you will need to cast your votes in both the election and the spill – download instructions here.

The election alone will not be enough! You have to vote for the Spill as well!

Let us explain why. At the AGM this year there will be four (4) clinical directors left on the board and two non-clinical directors, plus four new directors to be elected.

If we get two of ours elected and they get two of theirs, there will be 6 clinical to 4 non-clinical directors – the same clinical majority again!

We have to spill at least 3 of the clinical directors to achieve a more representative board, including the president.

It is the fate of these four remaining clinical directors that could change APS history. For them to change, the spill is essential.

Will APS members brave enough to take this step?  The APS board has been dominated by the the clinical faction since 2001 and have fiercely protected their own higher rebate for 10 years  – see Anthony Cichello’s email  in 2011.

The motions will only be carried if the majority of the members present at the AGM vote in support of them.  So, if you can’t attend the AGM please nominate Jenny Corran or Sophie Bibrowska as your proxy because they will be attending, and will vote for you.


5 thoughts on “Why we need the spill?

  1. I have just read the APS 2016 Annual Report https://www.psychology.org.au/Assets/Files/16APS-AR-Item1a-Final-WEB.pdf

    Hard to read – what they want psychologists to believe, not what they actually do. There main goal is to promote ALL psychology. How does this happen.

    I spoke to my brother on the weekend – he is an accountant and a member of the CPAs. The things he told me would make your hair stand on end – their board treated the CPA coffers as their own bankcard and only promoted themselves and a select few. Sound familiar?

  2. If Keven and Joe’s efforts to get their video onto the APS website were “thwarted” then this needs to be explained. How was it thwarted? were they entitled to have their videos there anyway? RAPS also needs to be publicising the spill through media outlets.

  3. If you vote via a proxy vote and then attend the AGM does this invalidate your proxy vote?

    There are some people who might be able to travel to Brisbane for the AGM but not sure so is it wise to submit a proxy in the interim?

    1. You can only vote once – in person or by proxy! If you send a proxy, you cant vote at the AGM. If you are absolutely sure you will attend the AGM, then that’s the safest vote you can make because proxies have been discounted in the past.

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