More scare campaigns against RAPS

Have you heard the latest scare campaigns circulating about RAPS in the corridors of the member groups? This ‘scurrilous’ misinformation is being spread to discourage members from voting for the Spill.

Here are some of the messages:

Rumor 1. That RAPS has the email addresses of every APS member.

RAPS reply: If only this were true! But we don’t and how could we when the APS only gave us members’ postal addresses?

RAPS believes this rumor is a cover up for a certain DGPP candidate (who has access to the 12,000 DGPP email addresses) and who has been getting his name in front of members recently. And who knows who else is using the APS email address lists, which are not supposed to be used for electioneering at all!

Rumor 2. If the spill happens it will threaten and destabilize the Society

RAPS reply:  This is a typical fear tactic! For the past ten years the use of fear tactics has been rampant in the APS. Fear of speaking out; fear of losing Medicare; and now it’s fear of changing the board! Clearly the APS wants no change!

RAPS happens to think differently. Psychology is about change. In a democracy, elections and spills are legitimate tools for change and renewal. Vote for the RAPS candidates and the Spill. Vote for a future of the revived and unified profession.

Rumor 3.  If the Executive Director is spilled, the society wont be able to function.

RAPS Reply:  If the Executive Director is spilled, it means that she will only lose her vote on the board but will still function according to her employment contract as a CEO.

This is what RAPS has wanted from the start – a CEO who reports to the board but doesn’t vote on the board! This is common in Australian not-for-profit organisations. Being on the board gives this position too much power and a potential conflict of interest.

ASIC also advises that for similar reasons a CEO should not hold office for more than 9 years! Ours has been there for 17 years and still counting. Please vote to spill the ED so we can get a new one!

Rumor 4: If the President is spilled is will be bad for the profession

RAPS Reply: The only people it will be bad for is the Clinical College – and it’s about time that happened! They have had the run of things for 17 years and have feathered their own nests at the expense of everyone one else. It’s time to share the power.

If the President is spilled, the President Elect will immediately step into the role. It won’t be a problem especially if it’s Dr Carr-Gregg, because he has already been on the board for 2 years. It’s time to spill the President and get a new leader on the board!

Other rumors: if you hear any other rumors please let us know!

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10 thoughts on “More scare campaigns against RAPS

    1. Actually David, my experience has been these concerns are most strongly held by my non-clinical colleagues… my clinical colleagues tend to have greater concerns about the implication RAPS’ proposed direction would have on psychology as a whole profession.

      The “us and them” dialogue is really not a productive nor constructive way to forward this cause

        1. Sorry RAPS, could you please clarify?

          The RAPS tagline leads with “united profession”, which leaves me confused how you may be interpreting my comment in order to disagree with me – to me, “us” and “them” are explicitly reflective of division (disunity, if that’s not clear).

          I like to imagine you place similar value on unity moving forward as I do. In a single sentence; it’s the best way for us to all promote our work… so would you mind clarifying where we disagree here? Otherwise, my answer would be “all of us” with a very confused look on my face!

  1. Keeps getting more ridiculous! This needs to change! If the spill and new President doesn’t happen I will withdraw from this circus! No more money from me for the APS!

    1. Simple, clear, accurate and effective directions and procedures would eliminate rumours. Regrettably, APS shows no appetite for clear and effective procedures.

  2. When I enquired about how my private email address was accessed by nominees I don’t know, it was purportedly via Linkedin.

    I have donated and will continue to do so.

    Thank-you Sophie and Jenny. I wished I had an ounce of your integrity, courage, stamina, and intelligence. You are both superb role models for me. I will continue to have as many conversations as possible to encourage debate and informed decisions.

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