Another member speaks out

“It is well worth the time to listen to Geraldine Doogue’s recent interview about the revelations about CPA governance (I couldn’t access the Fin Review article as I’m not a subscriber). Thank you RAPS for the link: you can download it here

It has become increasingly clear to me that this process that RAPS initiated is about far more than even the issues of the unjustifiable disparity of the Medicare rebates and the insidious creep of the false narrative about the superior training & skills of the clinical members. These are critically important injustices that need to be remedied for the profession to heal and these are the issues that got me on board with RAPS in the beginning.

I was not convinced that the APS board were really that bad at the outset. But witnessing the strategies of self-protection and underhanded maneuvering that the board has engaged in throughout this entire campaign has left me in no doubt that this is about a corrupted governance model. The casting of RAPS as a small group of rabble down in Melbourne as the problem reminds me of the response of John Howard when tens of thousands walked the streets against the invasion of Iraq. He just labelled us trouble makers, ignored us & did it anyway.

Democratic principles are being threatened in so many ways in western democracies as power structures tighten their grip in the face of a host of disruptions to the outdated rigidities of the status quo. It seems that the APS board are no exception.

I thought the comment of Sandra van der Laan, one of the CPA members in Geraldine’s interview hit the nail on the head: “I never imagined that an organisation, where the very part of your being is about having integrity and objectivity in what you do in the workplace, would ever come to this”. She says of the CPA that all senior management need to go, not just the self-promoting CEO, as they have all been operating under the same strategy.

I believe we need to start afresh with the APS board for the same reasons.

It’s also interesting that members have expressed concern about the APS knowing who is speaking up & signing the spill documents for fear of some retribution – myself included. This is our organisation. We elect these people. We pay their wages (and don’t even know how much they are paid). We are the voice and it is they who should be fearful for their tenure by not doing the right thing by us – their members.

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