The Spill is on the Agenda – if you can find it!

Many members are not aware that the Spill is on the Agenda because it has been made very difficult to find.

  • They have listed the Spill last on the Agenda at Item 14.
  • They have not provided a simple electronic voting as for the election
  • Members will have to sign proxy forms again
  • The ReformAPS Statement to be circulated to all members has been given a misleading  and confusing introduction
  • The how to vote instructions are buried in the confusing paperwork and attachments
  • The statements by the current directors are also hard to find

You can read the Agenda here: download here 

You may appoint a proxy online by visiting 

We will be sending you clear directions on how to vote on the spill in the next post but you can read the non-clinical directors’ statements with their response to the Spill below:

Go to the Agenda to read the Statements by the Clinical and appointed directors, go the Agenda.

We urge as many of you as possible to attend the AGM on October 7th below:

Podium Room 2
Rydges South Bank
9 Glenelg Street
South Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
on Saturday 7 October 2017 commencing at 1.00pm (AEST)

13 thoughts on “The Spill is on the Agenda – if you can find it!

  1. I phoned up to ask why I couldn’t vote on the spill electronically and was told (by someone who was very nice) that I couldn’t do that because it was all being organised by a company. I asked why they couldn’t organise an electronic vote if they were a professional company and there didn’t seem to be an answer to that one.

    This is really silly. Everyone going to Brisbane is going to have to attend with a huge sheaf of proxy forms in hand and sit there ticking and flicking throughout the meeting! WHY can’t the vote on the spill be electronic?

    1. Hi
      As a matter of interest, I contacted the Australian Electoral Commission. Legislation exists mandating that the AEC conduct elections for union officials. The AEC will also conduct elections (for a fee) if requested by organisations. The time has probably come for the APS to employ the AEC.
      Kevin Quin

    2. I’m guessing ‘cos it adds another layer of difficulty and frustration. Wait for it though….’technical difficulties’ is yet to be trotted out in way of justification or will it be replaced with yet another description this time round? It may well be far too ‘confidential’ to actually disclose😉

    3. Hi queenmaeve3

      An electronic vote would be a no-brainer for anyone working in IT. The scripts/database structure for such a thing have been around for years, I could do it myself. It is likely that an electronic vote on the spill would have been an automatic offering to the APS by Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited and was declined by the APS.

      So the more likely answer to your question, “I asked why they couldn’t organise an electronic vote if they were a professional company and there didn’t seem to be an answer to that one.”

      Is that the APS decided not to have an electronic vote on the Spill …. for whatever reasons?

      On another note, when I do get some time in my overcrowded life atm I must examine the statement by Dr David J de L Horne;

      “I think we have to recognise that there are degrees of competency skills and formally trained clinicians ( with well organised supervised placements in Mental and Physical Health settings) have higher competencies than more generalist trained psychologists.”

      As this statement is presented as a rational/logical opinion or assertion at best, however it is replete with unstated underlying assumptions that would have to be presented in great depth in order for the statement to have a genuine foundation. ( This is often the case on this blog. Assumptions do need to be presented in some depth i.e. opened up and placed in a potentially vulnerable position. As all psychologists surely know, if individuals are prepared to do this then they are using collaborative process, a true problem solving mode, if not then adversarial process is operating. When this entire issue has run it’s course the process that was employed to find a solution, or “the cure” will be left sitting there, and then you always have the issue of how do you cure the cure.)

      I do, however, agree with David’s statement that, “I agree that the whole system of how psychologists are trained and remunerated in this country needs to be reviewed”. But once again he follows this with a blanket statement regarding “fee for service” without revealing any substantive assumptions driving his opinion. It is not fee for service per se that is the problem, if it were then please also take the opinion to the medical profession. Instead the issue here is the design and implementation of the overall fee for service system.

      Anyway … later and it the appropriate thread.

      Kind Regards


    4. Hello again queenmaeve3

      I have just submitted my proxy appointment via the online facility. If all/most submit their proxies this way then there will be no need for anyone to attend with a huge sheaf of proxy forms. Although I have no idea what the meeting process will be regarding the electronic proxies. This information should be made clear to all prior to the AGM.

  2. Hmmm. I voted but I did I see the spill item. I have not been able to see it since voting either?
    I am now considering flying to Brisbane to vote on that item.

      1. I have clicked on your link to Agenda so I can read item 14 on Spill & I can’t find it ?
        I have accessed all 3 headings & it’s not there
        But have not accessed the vote on line tab
        I read it was hidden but I think it’s been buried!!
        Also as a member ic 2 non clinical colleges am I only able to vote for the President Elect! If so I am obviously at a considerable disadvantage in terms of a say. It appears more is less

        1. Hi Carin

          Yes, if you are a member of a non-clinical college then, in the 2017 election, all you can vote for is President Elect. A rather compartmentalised voting system as a result of the recent change to the constitution.

          Kind Regards


      1. Buckle up and brace yourselves for vital meeting-schmozzle number 2 with the same El Presidente at the helm. Will we be fooled again?

        1. Who will give me shelter when it is all said and done?
          Who will protect the interests of practicing psychologists regardless of endorsements?

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