Reform APS continues to grow

The Reform APS movement continues to grow. The website statistics have jumped to over 187,000 views and over 33,000 visitors and 1,891 comments from members.

People from 94 countries across the world are following us with the top 10 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain and Germany  and Indonesia.

The biggest challenge ahead of us now is the Election and the Spill. Unlike the CPA, we have the spill motion ready to go for the AGM  in October. All APS members will have a chance to create a board that they believe really represents them. It is a chance that may not come again.

This is what Reform APS has worked so hard for over the past 12 months – the opportunity for members to have their say about their future.

RAPS has been able to do this because of so many members have supported us through donations of time and money. Now we urgently need more donations and we invite all RAPS supporters to help us with ideas for fund raising.

It’s all because the APS insists on giving us only postal (instead of email) addresses of all voting members, which they had to legally provide, in order to make it as difficult as possible for us.

We believe this is a clear attempt to frustrate  members’interests. The law about this is already under scrutiny and we expect it will soon be changed. There’s a bill before parliament as we speak but it may not be in time for our AGM.

So we are having to source the email addresses manually!

Although our gallant band of helpers have sourced thousands of addresses so far we still need more. This is why we need your help.

Please contact if you can spare even a couple of hours or donate here.


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