DGPP – the Cinderella of the APS?

Have you tried looking for the Division of General Practicing Psychologists (DGPP) on the APS website? It’s almost impossible to find. Like its members, the DGPP lacks recognition, visibility and status in the APS.  It may as well not exist!

Despite this Division representing more than half the APS membership, its barely visible on the website – unless you dig very deep.  In fact it does not show up anywhere on the About US tab.  It does not appear on the APS organisational structure and it’s not listed under Member groups, where the Colleges, Branches and the Interest groups are found.

In fact it does not appear on under any tab on the website.

If you enter DGPP into the search box at the top of the website you will find an InPsych article from 2013 that mentions its establishment. Another link also shows the composition of the DGPP – search on APS website under “DGPP”.  Then it pretty well peters out.

In addition the DGPP only has only one Forum leader in each State and Territory and runs on a very low budget, yet its members contribute most of the membership funds for the APS. Without its membership funds, the APS would definitely be in trouble!

The Colleges all have full committees in each State and Territory with much bigger budgets and lots of visibility and status on the website. Yet together they have almost half the DGPP members. How is this fair?

And we note that the Division of Psychological Research and Training (DPRET) which represents only 10% of APS members, is easy to find as it has a dedicated tab of its own called Academic Resources, with drop down menus offering Awards and Scholarships, Research Opportunities, etc. We wonder how big is their budget for such a small number of members?

Why is the DGPP being treated so badly? Perhaps you might ask the DGPP Forum Members yourselves? Here are the names of the State Forum leaders that we eventually found on the website:

Please note in our previous version of this post RAPS was misinformed and Andrew Chua is not studying to be a Clinical Psychologist. *We sincerely apologise to Andrew and have withdrawn that comment.

  1. ACT Emma Prime
    New South Wales Terry Kirkpatrick
    Northern Territory Chloe Dudley – not a member
    Queensland Ronita Neal – member for 4 years
    South Australia Marjorie Santich
    Tasmania Paul Campbell
    Victoria Andrew Chua – member for 3 year
    Western Australia Jay Anderson


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