Another invitation to our clinical colleagues …

We’d like to support, in the upcoming election, a clinical candidate sympathetic to RAPS.

Would you be interested in standing for the position? Or would you prefer to suggest someone else among your colleagues? Please let us know.

We have been contacted by a number of clinical psychologists who have said they were unhappy about the current 2-tiered situation, wanted to support RAPS but didn’t quite know how to do it most effectively. The first difficulty was that they were afraid to state their position publicly.

We believe that if we want change we need to go beyond fear. Particularly so at the time of election, when democracy is at play, as different opinions are put in broad daylight for the voters to express their preference.

A clinical candidate willing to disagree with their leadership would be the best advocate for the unity of the profession. Please contact us at: 

We may recall what we wrote previously about the relations between RAPS and clinical colleagues – download it here



3 thoughts on “Another invitation to our clinical colleagues …

  1. Oh boy! Who could be trusted? (Know anyone?) Surely this proposition leaves RAPS open to a Trojan Horse? What’s to prevent the sympathetic clinical being turned or ……. ? I’d like to think we could take people at their word, but … look at how the two-tiered system came to pass! If nothing else, it seems to have been a “trust me, I’m a clinical psychologist!”. I’m heartened to hear there may be colleagues amongst the clinical ranks who can see the injustice and unfairness of the to-tiered scam, but choose very carefully, colleagues!

  2. Very pleased to see this here – a good way to think about moving forward.
    Will be important to remember if a good candidate is going to come forward, it will be helpful to be welcoming in our language to clinicals – something often forgotten amidst outrage here

    #Look for solutions – not blame

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