At the AGM in early October two things are expected to happen this year.

  • THE APS ELECTION: we will elect 4 new directors, including a President Elect and 3 General Directors
  • THE SPILL: We will vote on whether to remove each of the six directors (below) who have not finished their term on the board
  1. President: Anthony Cichello (clinical)
  2. Executive Director: Prof. Lyn Littlefield (clinical)
  3. Vice President: Deborah Wilmoth (clinical)
  4. General Director: Dr Aaron Frost (clinical)
  5. General Director: Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (counselling)
  6. General Director: Jill Wright (generalist)

The table below shows three different scenarios of what could happen depending on how many clinical and non-clinical directors we elect or spill.

We have estimated there will be 2 clinical and two non-clinical directors elected but that’s not certain and you can change the numbers yourself as you think fit.

Outcome of Election of Four New Directors

No. of Directors who wont have finished their term at AGM


Clinical vs


Election adds 4 new directors

(click to change number)


Total No

Directors after election


Clinical 2 6
2 Non-Clinical 2


* ED is not elected but can be spilled. The new board will decide whether to reappoint her or not.

Then there is the SPILL. We have presented three scenarios depending on how many clinical and non-clinical directors are spilled. But nothing is certain and you can change the numbers yourself as you think fit.

Outcome of the Spill of the Six Existing Directors

Scenarios Total No

Directors after Election

No. directors who can  be spilled Directors on board if all spilled Directors on board if only clinicals spilled Directors on board if only non-clinical spilled
Clinical (C) 6 4 2 2 6


4 2 2 4 2
Outcome Even number of C/NC* Non Clinical  majority Clinical majority

Scenario 1. If all the current six directors are spilled – and 2 clinicals and 2 non-clinical directors are elected –  there will be an even number of clinical and non-clinical directors on the board.

This even split is what we had at the start of this year and foreshadows more turmoil in 2017 -2018.

Scenario 2. This is the best outcome for a truly representative board.  If only the clinical directors get spilled – and the 2 non-clinical directors do not get spilled – then it possible to achieve a majority of 4 non-clinical votes on the board compared to 2 clinical votes .

Scenario 3. This would mean continued domination of the board by the clinical college again.  The Clinicals achieve a majority of  6 votes on the board compared to 2 non-clinical votes


The chance to get a more representative board is within our reach but it will all depend on how many members get off their butts and vote.

We know that we lost the June 6 vote by a narrow margin because not enough members voted. Well, here’s your chance to vote again.

You can achieve a more representative board if you vote to:

  • Elect at least 2 non-clinical directors
  • Spill the four clinical directors and keep the 2 non-clinical directors

All of this can only happen if generalists and members of the other Colleges vote at the AGM!



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