Voting rights under the new Constitution

As RAPS predicted under the new Constitution many members are now severely restricted from voting for board positions.  At this election the non-clinical Colleges are the worst off as they can only vote for 1 position on the board – the President Elect?

They can’t vote for the College position because, under the APS Transition Plan, it has been guaranteed to the Clinical College.

RAPS asks how is this fair? How can they justify another Clinical College director being elected when there are already four Clinical Directors remaining on the board – and only one non-clinical College director?

  • Clinical College – can vote for two more positions on the board (President and Clinical College)
  • Generalists – can vote for 2 positions (President and DGPP)
  • DPRET members can vote for 2 positions (President and DPRET)


2 thoughts on “Voting rights under the new Constitution

  1. There are two college positions under the new board structure. One is reserved for a clinical college member and the other can be from any other college. So other college members still get to vote for a rep but it may not be from their college.

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