George Wills supports the SPILL

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have given a lot of thought to the request made by RAPS for a spill of the present Executive. I have decided to support this application on three grounds:

  1. In the last ten years there has been an increasing disparity between the professional prospects of all psychologist who offer Medicare-related services to the people of Australia and this is causing there to be a presumption of differential value of the work of professional colleagues. In my view, it is a presumption that has little or no worth and one that is undermining the integrity of our professional lives. It is a presumption that ought to be debated within the society. At present there is no way of doing this.
  1. Many will know that I have been an educator of Counselling Psychologists at La Trobe University for over 40 years and know that the courses designed by me and colleagues have satisfied all and more of the criteria required to provide differential assessment and therapy to all people. I am dismayed to know that there is now only one Counselling Psychology program in existence in Australia. It is inconceivable that Federal funding restrictions on universities would have resulted in the removal of courses in Clinical Psychology and this, in itself, is testimony to the taken-for-granted assumptions of relative worth as well as to obsequious efforts by APS to align itself with the medical profession.
  1. In the past ten years I have made two representations to the Executive for the disparity to be addressed on behalf of Counselling Psychologists. In each case there was no response to my representations, so I have no confidence that the present Executive will be likely to respond to any representations made by leaders of other professional groups within the society.

I would urge those of a like mind to use it in support of my action.

Best wishes,

George H. Wills (PhD, M.A. (Psychology), Dip. Psych. F.A.P.S)

Counselling Psychologist – 0439 409 499


9 thoughts on “George Wills supports the SPILL

  1. Dear George,

    Thank you for your eloquent and thoughtful articulation of the issues!

    If we successfully replace the current leadership with thoughtful and inclusive leaders such as yourself, Peter and Clive, we can all be assured that the future of our profession will look bright!

    1. Why not mention Dr James Alexander and Gregory Goodluck, who have been the most vocal defenders of “generalists” (again a demeaning term) in this group against the self-appointed clinical elites attacking our rights? We need brave honest psychologists like Gregory and James who represent all of us and voice the feelings we hold about the clinicals who rewards themselves with endless endorsements while the rest of us live off scraps.

      1. Oh Tanya, I see you have reined yourself in but haven’t quite given up?!

        Why don’t you make a clear pronouncement about your true position, rather than trolling through the comments, trying to undermine this initiative and those that support it?

        Isn’t it getting tiring?

        1. Only one of us is attacking RAPS supporters, and one of us is showing support to brave champions of generalists like Dr Alexander and Gregory Goodluck. I think this shows how fair RAPS is that they will publish all comments and discussion, even from underminers who accuse everyone of being “Trolls” to cause trouble.

  2. Thank you George for setting out clear and logical reasons and facilitating a way out of the chaos, drama and emotionality that’s been created by the Reform APS initiators.

    1. Fair crack of the whip Agi! The chaos, drama & emotionality was created first & foremost when ‘clinical’ psychology ran away with the ball! Re-writing history, gas-lighting, propaganda – call it what you will – won’t work any more.

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