Reminder to pay your membership fees!

Why are we reminding you to pay your fees? Because we believe the APS has decided to let you go. We have had reports from many members about the following:

  • not getting the usual reminder notices
  • not being followed up
  • not being asked why they are not renewing the membership
  • not being helpful on the phone

These are unusual behaviours for the organisation at the time of year. The APS speaks proudly of its high member retention rate. This suggests that the APS may have decided on a  new strategy to get rid of dissatisfied members.

RAPS does not believe dissatisfied members should give away their membership so easily. How can we rebuild our society at the next election if you go?

It’s an annual membership that can be paid quarterly.


6 thoughts on “Reminder to pay your membership fees!

  1. The hardest thing I did yesterday was pay my APS membership in full and the additional $190 for my renewal listing ie Find a Psychologist! I couldnt afford to pay any more for “interest group” memberships! If those of us who take on coordinator positions within the APS eg peer network groups or interest groups can anyone please let me know why we need to pay for interest group memberships?

    1. sorry omitted to add those of us who coordinate peer network meetings or interest groups are volunteers so why do we pay for interest group memberships?

  2. I had the usual contact from the APS to renew. 2 emails and a hard copy letter to my office. Grudgingly, and on balance, I renewed. I’ll review this again next year. I agree with the RAPS comments and predicted this behaviour by the APS to let troublemakers just slide by. They appear to be willing to accept a loss in members and revenue to achieve silence and the status quo…the clinicals screwing everyone else over. I’ve posted previously that the APS is not obliged to accept your renewal. Given the automation of the APS money grab it appears too hard to filter out dissidents at the moment. For my part I changed insurer’s so the APS dipped out on their $53 kick back and didn’t renew my usual “Find a Psychologist”. I also joined AAPi to aid them in their fight against the APS and its clinical cabal (I like that word too). BTW: The AAPi stated a 32% spike in membership. I think this will increase. I’m wondering if that “spike” is disaffected APS members leaving and joining AAPi

  3. And if you struggle to pay $640 to a society you no longer believe in, just pay quarterly until we at least are rid of the main protagonists of the cabal (I love that word. I’d never heard it before the article, but it fits so aptly!) Wendy


  4. I renewed my APS Membership a couple of weeks ago. I can assure everyone that this was my most satisfying and rewarding APS Membership renewal in all the 25 years that I have been a member for. This is so because THIS is the first membership ever, which is going to give me a REAL say in shaping the future of the APS through RAPS.

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