APS calls an early election

RAPS welcomes the board’s announcement last night of an early election.

We have pushed hard for a resolution to the current division in the Society and we believe an early election will at least  give members a chance to choose who they want to look after their affairs.

Typically, there is an undercurrent of sharp practice: the sudden call for nominations with a deadline of August 8; the fact that the date for the AGM remains a mystery suggests that the aim is to short-circuit moves for a spill.

No doubt they believe they have the numbers to have their voting bloc elected. On the other hand – call us dreamy optimists if you will – that sort of confidence didn’t help Theresa May in Britain or before that, Malcolm Turnbull. And even if they succeed, the spill must still occur at the AGM, which could be an opportunity to open up more board positions.

It’s all in the hands of members. We know that so many have been disillusioned by the actions of the APS. We know that many of them are in such despair that they don’t even bother to cast a vote. But we also know that the opposition to clinical control has been rapidly gaining strength, and that could well be the reason for this sudden election … the longer they leave it, the more strength the opposition will gather.

Members must take this opportunity to create a non-clinical majority on the board this year and change the direction of the APS.

What this means for RAPS is that we don’t have to call a general meeting anymore – so we can stop collecting signatures (thanks to all those who have already signed!)

We will announce our election policies shortly.

If you are interested in standing for the board and supporting RAPS policies, please write to us. And make sure to check that you are a member of the group you are standing for (e.g. DPRET, DGPP, etc.)

This is our chance to get a whole new board, which is what Reform APS has wanted from the start.

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