An opportunity for members to change the APS board

Many members don’t really understand the spill and why we want to do it.

Normally it takes years to change the composition of a board particularly when one group have dominated it for years. By calling for a spill – or the removal – of all the directors on the board, we have created an opportunity for members to change the board in one fell swoop. This can happen this year!

The spill means that members get to vote on whether each director is removed or not. It takes a majority 50%+1 of the votes to remove a director. Once removed, the position is declared vacant and new director has to be elected.

If all directors are voted out, then the whole board changes. Members will be able to elect a board that more fairly represents the interests of all members in the society.

The spill is now firmly on the APS Agenda and will be held at the next AGM in early October – or beforehand if we can get enough signatures to Call a General Meeting.



Members are starting to wake up to what’s happening and realising that they can have a say by exercising their right to vote. At the recent general meeting, an all time record number of members voted, nearly 25%!

We want the next general meeting to be even bigger. We want members to turn out in droves and sign proxies and vote in a new board for a new era.

Help us help you bring in a new board and call a general meeting!

You can read our Statement on why we want the spill – download here



6 thoughts on “An opportunity for members to change the APS board

  1. Do not call the spill forward. The APS will sabotage it. Let it go through in October. That will give RAPS more time to open the discussion and build a bigger mailing list. In the unlikely event that the APS sends out the RAPS spill statement, expect “computer cliches” or similar blocking strategies.
    Also, there will be a Federal election in or around August next year to get lobbying. Don’t leave the lobbying until the election is called. Politicians get swamped and have to co-ordinate their campaigns.

  2. guys the question lot of people are asking is who will replace them.. this has always been the problem – ppl are busy and not many put up their hand. we will lose lot of experience as the next email out if you could also address this concern we might activate more non voters.

  3. if this spill occurs under the recent governance changes will it worsen the position of generalists given that the new constitution limits who can vote for whom?

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    1. If we spill the board, the Generalists can vote for 5 positions positions – the President, President Elect, Early career and two generalist positions. That’s not bad – but will only happen if we spill the entire board this year

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