The APS Survey was not a sincere enquiry into members’ views

Why is the Executive Director so keen for us to read the results of the APS survey on the two tier system in InPsych next week?
Would it be because the survey is going to show that the majority of APS members support the two-tier system?
We all know the survey was not a sincere inquiry into members’ views of the two-tier system but was rigged to get a result. This is exactly the sort of proof that the APS could use to inform government and in submissions to the MBS Taskforce in November to support the continuation of the two-tier structure – only 3 months away!
The survey was a masterpiece of clever phrases and leading questions, designed to compromise people’s responses and force them to accept a particular point of view that is almost certainly contrary to their own. Read more – download here
RAPS will need help with analysing the results that will come out next week to assess the legitimacy of the findings. Please contact us at if you have expertise in this area and can help.

3 thoughts on “The APS Survey was not a sincere enquiry into members’ views

  1. How ridiculous! It’s highly unlikely that the majority of members would agree to the two-tier system. Personally I don’t know any non-clinicals who prefer the two-tier system. Begs the question who was actually given this survey.

    1. I’m not (an endorsed) clinical psychologist. I completed the survey – wish I had taken screen shots along the way. However, I recall a statement at the very beginning of the survey to the effect that the APS had done preliminary research to inform the development of the survey. The research had revealed that most members aren’t in favour of dismantling the two-tier system. I commented on this statement in several of the ‘boxes’ during the survey, asking that the preliminary research be revealed and also mentioning that it was a highly biased way to begin a survey … the silence regarding my request is still shouting at me.

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