Fear of voicing objections indicates that something is very wrong

Member: “I am a clinical psychologist, member of the APS and the clinical college. I have donated $100 to help you keep up what you are doing. Like many others I have fear of repercussions for voicing objections to the APS – and that indicates that something is very wrong.”

Member: “The Corporations Act and Federal Court Act provides all the protections that we need. That’s what it was designed for, to keep faith with investors and shareholders, or in our case, members. Irrespective of the governance structure, board members must act in the interests of all members.”

Member: “Thanks again for your great work.  I checked out the link you sent for the Medicare Benefits Review and it didn’t take me to where I needed to go.  This is the link to make a submission here.

Member: “Donation of one session ($130) transferred today from <name withheld>.”

Member: “I was wondering if any other psychologists have experienced a rebate not being paid by a health insurance company as they only have clinical psychologists listed for rebates?”

Ex-Member: “Clinical academics across Australia have a lot to answer for! It was they who were architects of ‘clinical’ privilege within our profession, & it is they who are spreading their false & unscientific propaganda to psychology students based on a false dichotomy. On top of all that, having taken our Uni course fees for decades, they turn on us to say we are the worst educated psychologists in the world – HELLO!!!

Member: “I am trying to understand the current times, the times we are living in, or living through.
The current times of change. At the beginning it was anger, intense anger coming with the realisation that, from the very beginning, the APS management chose for us to have the fate of the ‘poor relative’ within our own family of psychologists…Then grief…the sad, bitter grief upon the realisation that our own parent (’mother APS’) chose to not only abandon us, but fight against us, wanting us to be disenfranchised, excluded, financially broke, made fun of, after years of training and hard work to be regarded less of a psychologist but rather a sort of unskilled, unexperienced counsellor”

Member: “Can the language be a little less aggressive please. It will alienate contemplatives and pre-contemplatives. We are the APS. We want to reform it. Not fight it. We are fighting the decisions of the executive and the board. i.e. the management of the APS. Fight the APS and our own people will be off-side.”

2 thoughts on “Fear of voicing objections indicates that something is very wrong

  1. The latest APS matters message confirms Lyn Littlefield’s comments at the meeting on 6th June, that only Psychologists who in addition to their membership, have been endorsed to join an APS college, matter. Her proposed solution is that all non clinical psychologists should do a Bridging course to get them up to the superior level of Clinical Psychologists.

    I would prefer that my 30 years of working with people face to face be recognized as being equal to a newly graduated Clinical Psychologist with two years experience.

    Her arrogance is disappointing.

    Linda Bruce
    Generalist Psychologist specializing in Psychiatric
    Canberra 0409 580 100

  2. I so believe in what RAPS is doing that I decided to donate $200.00 to the REFORM not fighting fund as RAPS is about reform to include ALL Psychologists. I encourage others to donate whatever they can to this reform fund.

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