Complaints about the general meeting

If you have any complaints about the general meeting, e.g. proxy, poll vote, conduct of the meeting etc. please make a statement and send it to us.

The statement should contain:

the person’s full name and business address (not private address) and occupation;

  • that they are a member of APS;
  • that they received a Notice of Meeting dated [insert date] and signed by [presumably the Secretary] and which advised of a company meeting on 6 June 2017 at [venue];

If the person was appointed a proxy:

  • that they received a proxy from [name and address] dated [insert date of proxy];
  • that they attended the meeting on 6 June 2017 at [place];
  • set out exactly what happened at the meeting, what was said to them, who said it etc.

If the person appointed a proxy to vote for them at the meeting:

  • that on [date] I appointed [name] of [address] to be my proxy at the company meeting on 6 June;
  • set out the substance of any information they received about the meeting, from whom they received it and when they received it.

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