Last night’s general meeting was a disgrace

We had a fantastic turnout last night but we ‘lost’ the vote by a tiny margin of 1.5%. But we will be contesting this!

Many of your valuable proxies were ‘discredited’ but they refused to provide a list of these for us to check.

We ask all of you to contact the APS to find out if you proxy was counted? APS (03) 8662 3300.

Normally the list of discarded proxies is provided with reasons why they were discarded. But not last night! They wouldn’t tell us how many or why.

When RAPS tried to stop the proxy count being accepted until the discarded proxies were reviewed, the president wouldn’t allow it.

He refused to follow proper meeting procedures and he railroaded members objections by simply ignoring them. His leadership was a disgrace and he should step down.

The APS management of the meeting was a shambles. The tele-communications didn’t work. Dissenting members in the states and territories could not be heard as the conveners had tight control over the communications.

Despite multiple objections, they declared the final poll numbers but we are not prepared to accept the result.

The RAPS scrutineer, Jenny Corran, was not permitted to see the numbers being recorded on the computer from the poll votes – which makes a mockery the scrutinizing process.

The closeness of the vote shows the real division in the society is not going to go away. We are not going to go away!

Once again, we ask everyone who sent in a proxy to contact the APS to find out if it was counted? APS (03) 8662 3300.

For now, RAPS Team

11 thoughts on “Last night’s general meeting was a disgrace

  1. I have just emailed APS to ask if my proxy vote was counted, and if not, I want an explanation for it. I have also attached their acknowledgement of my proxy vote so they can’t come back and tell me they didn’t receive it. I’ll let you know what they said ie if they have the courtesy to respond to my request. Right now, I am very angry with the outcome and specifically the corruption and the disgraceful behaviours that have been demonstrated by APS. Thank you very much Jenny, Sophie and the RAPS team for all the hard work you have put in and for standing up and fighting for all of us. May I suggest that you consult your lawyers and ask what else we can do and/or what recourse we have. I am happy to donate to the fighting fund.

  2. I’ve put a call through to the President. Of course my call wasn’t taken but I’ve left him a message to call me back. I have questions I want answered and as a long-term member I expect him to return my call.

  3. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Sydney meeting, but I intend to follow up the APS regarding my proxy. Can you please advise what grounds were given for discrediting certain proxies?

      1. Thank you for your swift reply. I have just sent an email requesting this information and I have blind copied RAPS in.
        It’s utterly nauseating to see what is going on!

      2. They said that some people had put their names on the form instead of the name of the proxy person, and others had not filled out the form correctly.

  4. Hello,
    I’ve just called APS and they asked me to send a written request to, to check if my proxy was considered (and if not, why not).
    I’ve just sent my request, and I encourage people (who had proxies) to send a written request as well as soon as possible, so APS can see that we take this matter seriously!

  5. yes, they are a total disgrace and need to be held to account every step of the way- by everyone adversely affected. These people have been taking your money for years whilst cutting your throats behind the scene. The only difference now is that it is coming out into the open.

    1. Thanks James, you expressed my feelings and thoughts perfectly! We all need to support each other through this and let the APS know that they do not represent our needs, and that we need a professional body that is ethical and supportive.
      Regards, Angela Scanlon

  6. Well….more of the same. Thanks RAPS for all your work for last night and all ongoing work as well.

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