This is what we are voting for tonight!

So many people have tried in the past to resist the domination by clinical psychologists of our society and our profession. Reform APS pays tribute to those dedicated members such as George Wills, Terry Bowles, Wendy Northey, Paul Stephenson, to name only a few.

Today is our day to make this attempt successful – we call on all members to go to the meetings and vote NO to the governance changes.

This is what we are voting for tonight!

To stop the stranglehold of the clinical college on the society

To protect our ability to practice psychology

To preserve the diversity of psychological approaches

To preserve the power of members to vote for all positions on all levels of APS governance

To stop the lack of transparency and shoulder tapping

To create genuine unity and equality among st all psychologists.


Here are the major locations  and  local cut-off times:

  • Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria: 6.15pm
  • Northern Territory, South Australia: 5.45pm
  • Western Australia: 4.15 pm

See you tonight at the general meeting – wear some red!


One thought on “This is what we are voting for tonight!

  1. If only I knew about RAPS before the vote last night. But can t we still lobby for the Board to stand down?

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