APS allows RAPS to scrutineer

Well, a change of heart, a reconsider? The APS Company Secretary has just informed Jenny that she can be a scrutineer tonight.

That’s a welcome change – but they still won’t circulate the Reform APS No Vote information for members.


8 thoughts on “APS allows RAPS to scrutineer

  1. Just called APS about 1145am to check if proxy counted and told they’LL get back to me as 33 others had just rung with same enquiry….

  2. Speaking of scrutineers, how do you think Jenny Coran’s clients will react once the video of the EGM is released publically, as demanded by RAPS, and her clients see her shrieking like a lunatic through the meeting while attempting to shout down the majority of attendees who held a different opinion to her?

  3. Shameful behaviour last night by RAPS, what’s happened to democracy? 750 proxies?? 750 people who can’t read instructions.

  4. Lol, 76% vote yes while RAPS is exposed to all APS members as a group of children who try to drown the majority’s right to vote through the use of filibusters in the form of shrieking and inane questioning. I had a great night; how about you?

  5. Wow, what a night…. the Melbourne attendees rowdy and difficult to contain, very unprofessional, paranoid, shouldn’t be registered – kick them out!!

  6. Corrupt! Any decent democratic organisation would provide both a yes and no case! This is duplicitous and extremely disappointing. I question the moral integrity of the those obstructing a democratic debate and vote!

  7. I have walked out of the Gold Coast meeting!  I am disgusted  with this unprofessional rabble of a meeting – which included hookups with all or most branch meetings. This is so important yet they are trying to get us to vote that some proxies are invalid! Why are they?  What are the reasons they are invalid?It is appalling.  People all talking over eachother. I don’t understand what people are saying. I paid about $600 a year. Is this the best they can do? I do not trust the APS.  I do not want to vote against some proxies before I know why they are invalid.  I do not have confidence in this process!   I heard tonight that Centrelink is sending people to Clin Psychs ONLY!! What? Why? I have a Masters of Psychology Counselling!   Has it all been for nothing?  What future am I facing?  I am alarmed at how unprofessionally this is unfolding.  I am disgusted with this rabble. I do not trust them.  I have sent my proxy to Melbourne. I trust my vote NO counted. From one frustrated Psychologist.Merran Brown. 

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