We made it. We reached our goal!

We made it. We reached our goal of 750 proxies (and we’re still counting). Isn’t it fantastic! Democracy at work…

We had a flood of last minute proxies thanks to the great telephone team who were calling and sms-ing people for us. Please contact us if you help call members tomorrow and Tuesday at apsreform@gmail.com 

Our lawyers have asked us to get lots of people to go to the general meetings across Australia to help us resist any attempts to intimidate or disadvantage the No votes.

There is a strong possibility that they may ambush us. It is impossible to know beforehand how but our lawyers have warned that they could try to e.g. adjourn the voting, change the rules, etc.

Only members at the meeting can stop this – and the APS will have a huge turn out for the YES vote. Talk to your colleagues – we don’t want to lose over a technical issue.

Some people are saying they have clients booked in but we say  reschedule them if it’s not urgent!

There’s a lot more at stake here than a couple of sessions. We all stand to lose a lot more money if the clinical stranglehold remains.

Even if you’ve sent a proxy you can attend a meeting (but not vote again).

Here are the major locations  and  local cut-off times:

  • Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria: 6.15pm
  • Northern Territory, South Australia: 5.45pm
  • Western Australia: 4.15 pm

If we do not take this stand now, we will regret it.

What we are facing is a serious loss of income and practice opportunities for the bulk of APS members, as the clinical camp continues to tighten its grip on the practice of psychology in Australia.


4 thoughts on “We made it. We reached our goal!

  1. Nike’s catch-cry – Just do it! This unique window of opportunity may never present itself again – We only fail when we stop trying. APS’ power, money and influence cannot stymie our indefatigable efforts – yeah us!

  2. You have done an amazing job.Regardless of the outcome the APS has a strong message about their elitism, bullying and dismissive conduct. Congratulations! I delayed my interstate travel to accommodate the first scheduled meeting. A good example of the manipulative mind set behind the scenes of APS. They ARE accountable. We all fund them.

    Marilyn Brideson Consulting Psychologist


    1. Yes Marilyn. APS have disrupted, frustrated RAPS and their exceptional efforts and your example is testimony to their attempts. They did however, grossly underestimate RAPS and their supporters. I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate RAPS this side of the outcome declaring itself, because we are all indebted to you on so many levels.

  3. Dear RAPS supporters. This does not surprise me!

    In my opinion the APS clinical factions (and their supporters) power plays and undermining tactics are absurd! Tunnel visioned they continue to push through their “hidden agendas” behind the mirage of unity and equity!They have remained deaf to our concerns, discrediting us they keep pushing through. Why the urgency?

    We wonder….. with the medicare review just around the corner…. their targetted strategy being pushed through to maintain the “specialist’ proposal and allocated secured funding base for all clinicals! Their submissions already finalised outlining the new APS structure ready for gov dispatch….Requests for expressions of interest for these new board positions already diseminated! No wonder!
    They are in my opinion mobilising their strategy to cement their domination within the field of mental health!

    Make our presence felt IN THE REAL WORLD! Support your proxies! Stand united! Turn up tomorrow evening!

    A full member for nearly 3 decades and this will be the first time I have attended! How surprised will they be !


    Venture forward STEP OUT OF HYBERNATION. We have become the Helen of Troy! The trojan horse! They are scrambling, our resistance was not on their radar…. its not clear skies smooth sailing ahead! Stand united numbers matter!

    I will do what I can to reclaim our society! Should we be defeated I will resign as in my opinion I WILL NOT continue to be compliant and blindly and robotically affiliated with The Australian Clinical Psychological Society!

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