The Moderate’s case for the ‘No’ Vote

The Moderates’ case for the ‘No’ Vote,

Regarding: The APS Board’s Motion to Amend the Constitution Governance Rules:

APS Referendum/Plebiscite Vote on 6th of June 2017.

The Constitution of the APS is the rule-book governing the leadership of the APS.

The leaders want to change the rules that govern themselves.

To change the rules of the constitution the leaders must call a Referendum.

A Referendum – referring the decision to the membership – is compulsory, by Australian law, to change the Leadership Rules of the APS.

The Rules say 75% or more of the voting members have to say ‘Yes’ to any changes to the Rules of the Constitution before the rules can change. If more than 25%  of members say ‘No’ to the changes, the changes cannot go ahead.

The reason a large majority is required to change the Rules is because it should be difficult for the leaders to change the Rules that govern themselves.

The Leaders have to clearly explain their reasons to change the rules they must obey, properly to the members.

It is also difficult to change the rules because members need to be given full reasons for the Rule changing leaders’ wishes. So members can weigh things up carefully and decide,

The leaders want to change the rules so they can choose more leaders themselves rather than the membership electing the leaders.

There might be some good reasons for changing the rules.

But there might also be some problems with changing the rules.

Some rules might need to change more than others, but some rules might be better left unchanged.

Some rules might need to be changed in different ways than what the leaders want to change them, but some other rules that haven’t been thought about yet might need to be changed.

There are many questions and ideas to be shared and talked about so we can make the right decision about long term changes. There is a lot at stake.

More time is needed to have these talks and bring more than 75% of the membership along with any changes to the rules governing our Leaders.

If you have any worries about changing the rules it is best to vote “No”, until its clearer and safer to change the rules and do it in the right way.

It is sensible to wait until it is safe before changing the rules. There are too many loose ends and not enough detail, and too many questions to push through change now.

Vote: “”No, Not now. Don’t push us so hard.”

Vote “No.”

Your concerned Colleague,

One thought on “The Moderate’s case for the ‘No’ Vote

  1. I can’t support the “Yes Vote” in same sex marriage because it isn’t being explained in a clear and easily understandable language. I find it very difficult to trust any Politician who is pushing for change with out them telling the full truth and reasons behind the need for change. Politicians over the years have lied to many times in regard to important issues which has affected peoples live to a detrimental level. I.E, The sell of Power Stations. We were told it would create competition and reduce power prices. As we know people are now being ripped of the elders are suffering in the cold. The Government have done nothing to correct this issue. They just can’t be trusted to be honest, I feel there is a hidden agenda.

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