Counselling College sells out it’s members.

A RAPS supporter sends us his reply to the Chair of the Vic Counselling College, RaeLynn Wicklein, a clinical and counseling psychologist

From:  <name withheld>
Sent: Friday, 26 May 2017 12:17 PM

Subject: RE: Important: APS EGM – Make Your Vote Count

Dear RaeLynn,

I am sickened by this email sent by you espousing the line of the APS. You have sold out the very people the APS sold out some time ago and if this is the best that you can do as chair of counselling college then you should resign. I resent very deeply the path taken by the APS who have ensured that I am now regarded as lesser skilled and not able to provided psychotherapy to my client base. The new governance model does nothing to change this. This email is an absolute disgrace, it takes no guts to not stand up for what is right, and what does it say about the chair of a college that was so wronged who goes along with what is wrong.

What you should been have been doing is offering you data base to the RAPS team so that they may have some chance of getting up and doing what you clearly have failed to do.

<name withheld>

Member Counselling College



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