We are all equal but some are more equal than others

“I was reading again the revised proposal for access to Medicare rebates made by Littlefield, Stokes and Giese in 2006.
“Categories of clinical psychologists applying for eligibility” (page 3).
There are 3 categories of “clinical psychologists” eligible for Medicare rebates, according to the document:
Category 1
• APS College of Clinical Psychologists members
“These applicants will be automatically eligible and the assessment process will be very straightforward”.

Category 2
Other APS College members and other Master / Doctorate degree graduates who “will need their application endorsed by two clinical psychologists who are members of the APS College of Clinical Psychology”

Category 3
Four-year psychology degree graduates who have completed the two-year supervised experience required for registration as a psychologist.
For them to be eligible 4 criteria were to be met, including:
Criterion 2: “demonstrate 5 years experience in a mental health setting post-registration including 1000 hours under supervision by a clinical psychologist” and
Criterion 4: “will need their application endorsed by two clinical psychologists who are members of the APS College of Clinical Psychology”

Do we need further evidence of how Littlefield & Co. were bracing themselves to take full control of our society? They were preparing the terrain for clinical psychologists, no better than non-clinical psychologists, to be fully in charge of who will have access to Medicare rebates.”

Proudly non-clinical psychologist

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    We are flogging a dead horse expecting a rational response by presenting rational arguments in the current climate.

    Even the Health Ministers Office Greg Hunt has bought the party line & echoing PsyBa Board’s definition of advanced skills (that of course is dominated by clinical psychologists).

    So we have our work cut out for us because I am aware that the Australian Association of Psychology inc (AAPi) have been tackling this issue for years without success.

    The issue is embodied in the statement I received from Greg Hunt’s office as follows?

    “The Government is aware that there are several endorsed areas of practice recognised by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBa) , including clinical psychology, and that each area represents a different advanced set of knowledge and skills. In recognition of this, the Government has determined that psychologists who wish to provide Medicare rebatable Psychological Therapy services under the Better Access initiative, which are at the higher MBS aschedule fee level, must be endorsed by the Psy Ba to practice in clinical psychology”.
    The narrow definition of advanced skills currently means endorsed by PsyBa to practice in clinical psychology.”

    The government currently is obviously not open to the fact that clinical psychology is not the only pathway to gaining advanced Psychological skills. Because as we all know our clinical college colleagues have only presented part of the information that furthered their agenda & conveniently left out the rest of the information that would have furthered the bulk of the membership.

    Tackling the sin of omission is the task ahead of us!

    1. I wa disappointed that he model we voted on last night did not give proportional representation to all 27,000 of the APS Psychologists. When someone from Queensland asked her to comment on this, Lyn littlegield said it did proportional represent all members because there were 7,000 clinical psychologists in the clinical college and 7000 general psychologists in the general college.

      What about the members who are general psychologists who Di NOT belong to a Generalist college. It seems she lied to us. The model we voted on last night clearly gave Clinical Psychologists and ACademics greater power than other members.

      LIkewise in answer to the question ” why the rush” littlefield answered that e process has been going on for two years. However they omitted to say that the model proposed for us to vote on, only seems to have been finilazed in May 2917 and not circulated widely for comment.

      Have we been conned?p

  2. I wonder what would happen to the APS if in the event of a YES victory all the non clinicals did not renew their memberships?
    I am not renewing just yet! I dont care about the $100 discount for the APS delivered courses! They are not mandatory even though some are if you want to be a Medicare provider for specific populations!
    In my opinion….. the APS maintains influence!

    The clinicals would just have another splinter group, the ACPS, just like their ACPA, they would loose their “power”.

    WE COULD join the AAPi …. the APS would loose credibility no longer the self nominated peak body to advise government for what seems to be acself serving cause. Are they not the group, the wanabe psychiatrists! lobbying government for National specialist registration and rights to prescribe psychotropic medications! PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG.

    I had never considered such a fate until now. I have been a member funding
    this organisation which clearly discredits me for nearly three decades!

    I am NOT old and will not be retiring in the near future but it seems their plan is to squeeze me out by drying up my referral base to replace me over time with young fresh clinical graduates they can manipulate for their cause. The public has been brainwashed. Legally where do WE stand if the APS continues its defamatory and discriminatory bullying practices?

    If we do not renew our APS subscriptions on mass what would happen?

    In my opinion, their strategy seems to be to discredit non clinicals and any other organisation that threatens their “position of power”.

    In my opinion…….

    They are NOT representing the best interest of ALL Psychologists because if they were they would be addressing ALL of our concerns. The steam train is running full steam ahead!!!!Perhaps the collapse of the APS is imminent.

    What would need to happen for any change to re unite psychologists in Australia. I had never considered such a fate BUT it is still in our hands! We are not voting for a prize but for our professional and personal survival. For the survival of Psychology in Australia.

    If my hard earned funds have been misapropriated and the clinical factions’ intention is to squash me into a space with no voice and keep me “invisible” just fleecing me for my financial subscription, then this will be my reality!

    In my opinion, the APS does not serve its membership just the clinicals! We wonder how much of our funding has been and continues to be utilised to promote the clinicals.

    If someone had the time to search the APS “departmental” employment register I wonder how many clinicals maintain such positions of power steering the society into a predetermined direction? There are probably more non clinical volunteers coordinating peer support events because we are altruistic! Off with ourvrose coloured glasses!

    Ive said it before “follow the money trail” those who stand to loose the most will not be listening” to our concerns!

    The APS train is on course! Full steam ahead!


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