Join the RAPS supporters – the list is growing …

At an APS public meeting last week in Perth, Lyn Littlefield, referred to Reform APS as a group of people, who “lie in the shadows” … are “not really visible” … “won’t list their names so I don’t know who they are”.

This is another example of the Executive Director’s misinformation habit, to say nothing of the apparent disdain with which the national executive views members of their society who express divergent views.

Unfortunately those who became ‘visible’ were met with threats and ultimatums from the APS. That explains why RAPS has had a bit of an underground quality. Many RAPS supporters have been reluctant to go through this experience.

It’s sad that we have to be fearful of retribution from those who are supposed to represent our best interests and protect us. But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

Our guiding perspective is that one day we will be able to rise above what divides us now and sit together to discuss a possibility of resolving our different views in an atmosphere of respect for each other.

Now, however, some APS members are willing to stand up and be counted. Here are some of the people who publicly support us.

If you are ready to add your name to this list please contact us at

  1. Jenny Corran, Counselling Psychologist
  2. Dr Sophie Bibrowska, Registered  Psychologist
  3. Clive Jones, Asst. Professor – Bond University Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine (NSW)
  4. Dianna Kenny,  Professor of Psychology, The University of Sydney (NSW)
  5. Ted Milliken, FAPS, Darwin (NT)
  6. Stephen Andrew, Senior Lecturer at Cairnmillar Institute School of Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy
  7. Marilyn Brideson,  Registered  Psychologist
  8. Josephine Combe,  Registered Psychologist (QLD)
  9. Joseph Gagliano, Counselling Psychologist
  10. Don Burnard, President of ACPCPP
  11. Wendy Northey,  Retired Psychologist
  12. Gregory Goodluck, Registered Psychologist (NT)
  13. Bruce Jenkins, Registered Psychologist, MAPS (for now)
  14. Dr Geoff Denham, Counselling Psychologist, Adjunct Senior Lecturer La Trobe University
  15. Effie Ioannou, Registered Psychologist
  16. Liz Pincott, Registered Psychologist, (non-member)
  17. Harold A. Bilboe, JP, Registered Psychologist (ACT)
  18. Mr Peter John Dunn, Counselling Psychologist
  19. Yelena Udy, Counselling Psychologist, (NSW)
  20. Marie Alexandra Weiss, Counselling Psychologist
  21. Henry Briffa,  Counselling psychologist, APS membership now defunct
  22. Sarah Calleja, Counselling Psychologist
  23. Bernadette Quin Registered Registered Psychologist
  24. Dr Kevin Quin, Registered Psychologist
  25. Yael Clark, Educational and Developmental Psychologist
  26. Fiona Lacy, Counselling Psychologist, Melbourne
  27. Camille Folley, Psychologist, Director of Williamstown Psychology, Melbourne
  28. Athena Phythian, Registered Psychologist
  29. Dr Astrid Birgden, Forensic Psychologist
  30. Raul Foglia, Counselling and Forensic Psychologist
  31. Dr Jenny Ricketts, Counselling Psychologist
  32. Karen Donnelly, Registered Psychologist
  33. Gabriel Rusu, Registered Psychologist
  34. Terry Oleson, PhD., MAPS (17 years)
  35. Dr Lisa Ciechomski, Registered Psychologist
  36. Gary Childs, Registered Psychologist, (S.A.)
  37. Astrid Birgden, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
  38. Carolyn Storti, Counselling Psychologist
  39. Charley Strickland, Registered Psychologist, (W.A.)
  40. Dr John Gurr,  Academic, S.A.
  41. Graham M Killoran, Org Psychologist (QLD)                                    SA

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