Why stay with APS?

Fellow Rapsters,

The thought has occurred to me, why should I –  or any member unhappy with the two tiers and its history –  stay with APS ?

Especially if I feel APS  does a poor job politically of representing me or the profession; and especially in regards to advocating for the Economic Structures set up (without my consent) to the powers that be? (the government of the day)?

If  I (or any other disenchanted generalist) wanted to “move house” to another psychological association besides APS:  Which ones would we consider?

Do they offer the necessary benefits, e.g. insurance for indemnity/liability,  CPD events or other resources?  So far I know of only AAPI, and I did not hear back from their insurer – so I’m not ready to jump ship quite yet.

If alternatives to the APS do exist, let’s publicise those now on the Raps website. It may turn out that offering people options of moving away from APS might be a good way to keep APS leadership much more open to us post 6 June.

With declining revenue from members not renewing fees or new graduates choosing another house, the new board might consider talking seriously to Raps. Raising issues over time even after June 6th is a way to keep APS leaders tuning into members.  And taking them seriously.

No matter what the vote, Jenny and Sophie and the RAPS team, thank you so much for your courage in standing up to the behemoth, remembering that equity/social justice is still a consideration even amongst so-called professionals.

2 thoughts on “Why stay with APS?

  1. Your comment about the AAPi Insurer is disappointing and appreciated. I will take it up with Insurance House first thing on Monday morning and will then leave a post on this blog reporting on that conversation.
    Michael Pointer
    Executive Director
    Australian Association of Psychologists inc.
    0418 391 820

    1. We have been in contact with Insurance House who apologise for not returning calls and they have instructed their marketing department to be more diligent.
      In the meantime Insurance House can be contacted by phone on 1300 305 834 or by going to their website http://www.insurancehouse.com.au click on “Buy Online” and scroll down the page to “Psychologists”
      Michael Pointer
      Australian Association of Psychologists inc

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