President attacks RAPS again

In January this year the President emailed every member of the APS attacking  RAPS for sending out ‘scurrilous’ emails, even before he bothered to contact or speak to us. Read about it here

Now he is accusing us of:

…. “sending out unsolicited anonymous emails” but haven’t they done the same? At least our respondents can unsubscribe!

… “espousing wildly incorrect assertions regarding the GM” – all we’ve done is put the case for the No vote – which they haven’t done for members, which is a prerequisite in a democracy.

…”As scientist-practitioners, it is our professional responsibility to check the credibility, validity and accuracy of any information ” – we have provided evidence – where is theirs?

The rest is not worth mentioning.

He must really those governance changes passed!

RAPS commends APS members vote AGAINST the proposed changes on June 6th

To do this, either attend the APS General Meeting at 6:15pm on Tuesday 6th June in your State (see here for locations here)

OR, if you cannot attend a meeting,

Vote by proxy  follow the instructions here.

Your proxy must reach the APS by 6.15 pm on June 4th. 

You are advised to carefully check your completed form as any mistakes could result in the president using your vote as he wishes.




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