A personal message to all ‘generalists’

Busy psychologists are, by & large, a warm, highly empathetic, caring, & oft times subjugated group of wonderful people.
At this historic moment in time, however, it it vital that individual psychologists stand up to be counted.
What would you suggest to your client whose skills & abilities were being grossly under-valued & rapidly diminished? Think seriously about that…
Clinical psychology is at the very heart of our psychology specialty. Just like psychiatrists, psychology IS the specialty. You are ALL mental health specialists in that sense – as you well know!
Now is the moment to step back from your dedicated work and vote for your future, your client’s future, and your professional future.
History is shaped by those who stand up. Fact.
VOTE NOW to shape your future! You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your clients, & you owe it to your chosen & cherished profession.
RAPS is on your side. The APS, as it now stands, is NOT.
Wendy Northey
RAPS supporter, & retired psychologist.

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