Lack of regard for members’ rights

What lengths will the APS go to outsmart RAPS and thousands of non-clinical members?

How many emails will the APS national office send out to members for their own political ends? Some members are getting several emails a day telling them to vote FOR the governance changes on June 6th. Isn’t this a misuse of members’ confidential details?

Where is the opportunity for the NO vote position to be heard or read about? What has happened to members’ democratic rights?

It is only due to the information on the RAPS website that members have had a chance to understand the disastrous consequences of these governance changes.

It’s grossly unfair and opportunistic that the APS national office is able to canvass 22,000 members to tell us how to vote, when no one else can.

We have compiled a list of other actions that show their lack of regard for members’ rights:

  1. The invalidation of hundreds of members’ proxy votes by cancelling and moving the date of the June 6th General Meeting, when it could have been adjourned with no proxy votes lost.
  2. Using members’ fees to fund legal advice to fight their own members
  3. Refusing to allow the vote on the Spill at the June 6th General Meeting and forcing members to call another general meeting.
  4. Flooding members with emails  and pressuring them to vote FOR the governance changes. Another electronic hitch?
  5. Holding the general meetings at the most inconvenient peak time for members in private practice – on a Tuesday night at 6.15 pm.
  6. Putting undue pressure on the 230 APS member groups to support the governance changes, and pitting members against members
  7. Offering FREE Associate membership to 4th year grads (who are mostly clinical) so they can vote at the general meeting.
  8. Accusing – without evidence – RAPS of  misinforming members when it released the FOI documents showing the APS only ever advocated for a Medicare rebate for members of the clinical college.

4 thoughts on “Lack of regard for members’ rights

  1. 1) Where exactly are the APS offering free associate membership to students?

    2) Since when can fourth year students be “clinical”? The only clinical psychology courses offered in Australia are postgraduate programs. Ironically the majority of people applying for associate membership straight after fourth year are people doing the 4+2 – Great job dismissing them all as “clinical” shills!

  2. This is the dirtiest, most corrupt, most dishonest political campaign by the APS or any other organisation that I’ve seen outside of Federal Parliament in Canberra. Littlefield, Cichello and the clinicals are terrified. They will do anything to get their agenda across the line and dominate APS affairs indefinitely. Majority members must stop this and vote NO against the governance review.

  3. And yet again I repeat myself…my previous comments that everyone on the Board who has agreed to this should lose their registration as they are unethical and going against their own Code of Ethics still stands!!!

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