All we want is a fair go!

They are messing with our votes and that’s not fair. Over 200 members’ proxies have been discredited by the clinical board in a single stroke.  A stroke that has only strengthened their position at the expense of other members’ rights to vote.

Voting rights are all we have in a democracy – without votes, we have no voice. We are only asking for a fair go but we know it’s not a level playing field. What else will they pull before this vote is over?

Undoubtedly this cunning move was based on strategic advice from one of Melbourne’s top (and most expensive) legal firms who the APS has used for the past 17 years. How could this be members’ money well spent?

If you didn’t believe us about their dirty tricks before, you should now.

RAPS will not give up and we hope you won’t either. At least it means they must be worried about us.

We ask all of you to do your proxy again without delay with all the same details but the NEW DATE of June 6th.

Be prepared for them to question your ballot and try to change your vote over the next 2 weeks.

All we want is a fair go!

3 thoughts on “All we want is a fair go!

  1. Would it be better to amalgamate with AAPi? An existing organisation that represents non-clinicals.

  2. Are we shocked? NO!
    Comes back to what I have said earlier. Do 70%+ of psychologists need to form their own body – The IPAS (Inclusive Australian Psychology Society) and with this many members have a very strong voice. If the APS don’t listen (and can I say they don’t actually represent all psychologists) and keep bullying the profession, then a breakaway and larger group needs to be formed…

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