APS must stand up to pro-clinical regulatory bodies

The practice of psychology in Australia has been immeasurably weakened by the promotion via Australia’s peak bodies in psychology of a single narrow therapeutic approach, namely clinical psychology, delivered largely by less experienced psychologists.

I wonder if members understand how the Health Minister sets it’s policy and direction for psychology? It takes advice from the peak practitioner body, the APS, as well as the three regulatory bodies: PsyBA/AHPRA, Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), which sets the standards of accreditation for psychology and Heads of Departments and Schools of Psychology Association (HODSPA), which represents the discipline of psychology in universities in Australia.

All of these highly influential bodies have a strongly pro-clinical bias. Visit their websites and have a look. PsyBA & AHPRA are one & the same because AHPRA refers to PsyBA for advice.

I feel compelled to point out that the PsyBA Boards in every State, Territory & Region are dominated & controlled by Clinical Psychologists. Clinical psychologists, who have now permeated (not only the APS’ board) but the government’s thinking & subsequent legislation that they have more advanced skills & qualifications compared to other psychologists.

These regulatory bodies reach is all pervasive and unfortunately by extension, their discrimination against everyone else who practices psychology as second class without evidence to support it.

That is why it is so important that we have anew board so that our peak body, the APS, can LOBBY government for all of us – before clinical psychology once again wins favour at the Medicare Review in November.

Please support the spill so we can elect a new board that will advise government for all psychologists fairly!

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