How do we get the right people on the Board?

On the APS website the Executive Director asks: “How do we get the right people on the Board of the APS and how do we elect them?”

That’s a very good question and we hope by now some members will be thinking about their election speeches for the seven positions that will be vacant after the Spill.

The “right people” seem to be members of the Clinical College. They are increasingly dominating our member groups and advisory and working committees – even the Ethics Committee. The board selected only clinical, or clinical sub-specialty, members to co-opt recently (through a tricky loophole in the Constitution).

Happenings like this are going on right under our very noses – and when members have asked to see the Board Minutes where we can read how the co-option came about – they have refused to answer and have hidden behind the “confidentiality”clause!

These are the antics of the leaders of our noble society – a society that claims to exemplify the highest levels of the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards.

Wake up members! We need a whole new board.  Get involved: make sure you vote against the governance resolution at the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) coming up soon.

Do you know that on average less than 6% of members vote at board elections? No wonder the Clinical College has been able to run the show.

The time for assuming the APS has all of our best interests at heart is over. It’s time that we unit and take action – and thanks to RAPS that’s exactly what’s happening.

But we need you to spread the word. Send this blog post to every non-clinical member you know inviting them to register on our website and hear what’s really going on and how they can help.


2 thoughts on “How do we get the right people on the Board?

  1. You mentioned in the new ‘block the governance review’ article that “at the next election, two of the remaining positions – the Early Career and the academic roles will be voted upon.

    How does one ‘run’ or nominate for these positions?

    1. The Early Career is supposed to be voted on by all members. The Academic is voted on by only DPRET members.
      Im sure the details will be made public if the GR is passed.

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