A Damning Leak from the Clinical College

RAPS has gratefully received another leak from a concerned supporter about the latest newsletter by the Chair of the APS Clinical College, Ros Knight.

Ros seems desperate to bolster support among her members: “…never has it been more important that clinical psychologists stick together so we can coordinate our approach to the change as well as provide a stable base on which to have a sense of belonging and value.”

What about loss of belonging and value that non-clinical members have been feeling for years!

Clearly Ros is preparing her members for the vote of the new governance proposals.

“You will be aware that the recent governance review recommends a number of changes to the Board composition… I would encourage members to vote at the EGM when it is announced.”

But why is she rallying her members now when the extraordinary general meeting is not supposed to happen until the end of the year. Does that mean the Clinical College has inside information about an earlier meeting?

According to the Constitution they only need to provide 21 days notice for a general meeting.  So they could spring it on us in a few weeks and all of us non-clinical members must get ready and start preparing ourselves ASAP.

Fortunately to pass the governance resolutions they need 75% of the voting members votes. That’s a big challenge for them as there are many more non-clinical than clinical members. But the Clinical College is a very well oiled machine.

It’s time for all non-clinicals to unite and block the passage of the Governance review. Remember the Clinical College is a very efficient machine and although we only need 26% to block it, they have already started campaigning for it.

RAPS is onto it now and will keep you informed of exactly what’s happening. We will give you full details of what you can do to block the vote and if you can help please contact us here

But we need you to spread the word. Send this blog post to every non-clinical member you know inviting them to register on our website and hear what’s really going on and how they can help.


8 thoughts on “A Damning Leak from the Clinical College

  1. You guys do realise that you can resign on mass from the APS and put together another psychology organisation to negotiate with the government etc. One with more members and one that actually represents all psychologists – one that I would join. I have never been an APS member for exactly these issues!!

    1. I resigned from the APS years ago, after having my application for eligibility and my appeal (which cost an additional $1000) rejected. I had to write and ask for an explanation. The one I eventually received was very vague and questionable. I subsequently joined the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. – an organisation that represents ALL psychologists. This association tried, unsuccessfully, to raise enough funds to mount a court case against the APS. (At least I am able to get reasonably inexpensive professional indemnity insurance through them.)

      I have been heartened to discover the Reform APS group, and have forwarded the information to my colleagues.

  2. I do know that not all Clinical Psychologists agree with the divisive nature of the Medicare Rebate and are very supportive of us psychologists who are not clinical. Thanks RAPS for your ongoing work

  3. I think it is fantastic that non-clinical psychologists now have a voice in RAPS. I went to a Clinical Psychology College Workshop as a student, and felt disheartened when the Clinical Psychologist who was the presenter start by saying that Clinical Psychology was the only real form of psychology, and that eventually all other forms of Psychology would become extinct “like the Dinosaurs”. The worst part was that every other attendee clapped, hollered and even stamped their feet in support. I even heard people
    yell “Down with the generalist scum!” and “Two-Tier Forever!”. As a proud generalist, I am grateful to RAPS for being our sole voice in the wilderness, shielding us from those who constantly insult and attack our profession.

  4. Hi I canceled my assoc membersip with the APS years ago because in ky opinion they do nothing to support us ‘generalist’ psychologists.

    Always interested in the updates and passing on to others.

    Many thanks for your efforts.

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