RAPS has moved a long way in a very short time. We have achieved a great deal.  The website says it all!

We have engaged Macpherson Kelley solicitors to advise us on several issues, including the preparation and serving of the spill documents. We believe without this legal support behind our resolution, the APS solicitors would have been able mount a legal challenge to block it.

Now they cant argue with it and it is on their Agenda!

But we have had no reply from the APS as to when they are holding their next general meeting for members to vote on it. We think they may try to delay it until the AGM in October/November.

The only way to make it happen now is for us to get 5% of members to call for it. Then the APS has to convene a general meeting within three (3) weeks.

RAPS believes we have to keep the pressure up! More legal advice is needed to do this and we ask all RAPS supporters to dig into their pockets and donate to our fund. 

Today a generous RAPSter donated $500! But anything you can afford will help us 🙂

Thanks to all the many generous psychologists how have donated to the fighting fund so far.

The time has come again to show support for the body dedicated to uniting psychologists. RAPS is fighting to make APS genuinely representative of all members.

As one supporter said today: At last we have a voice for all non-clinical psychologists!

Please give generously to allow, to encourage the movement towards equality, towards establishing a truly representative Society which listens to the membership.

RAPS team








  1. Please RAPS supporters, do try to assist the individuals who are working hard to attain equality and unity for all psychologists.
    I believe that some of these brave and hardworking colleagues are dipping into their own pockets to help us pay the legal fees for gaining the opinions that we need to process and proceed the fight to gain equality.
    I understand that some of our colleagues have been generous and I thank those psychologists on behalf of all of us.
    Please support those individuals who are working hard for all of us. Give generously.

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