Report for the President on RAPS Poll

Dear Mr Cichello,

We are sending you and the other members of the APS board the results of the RAPS poll for your consideration.

The RAPS poll has attracted more than 1,300 responses in just three weeks, with over 1,000 members indicating they would consider leaving the APS. This is almost twice the number of responses received by the Clinical College survey (700) late last year.

The rapid response was also significantly faster than the Clinical College survey, which was conducted over a 6 week period from October last year, which we consider may indicate a higher level of dissatisfaction.

The 1,300 responses to our poll (and climbing) represent more than 8% of all non-clinical APS practitioners and almost 10% of all members eligible to vote in APS elections.

We believe that this gives a reasonable idea of members levels of dissatisfaction with the leadership of the APS and we believe this represents a serious threat to the future of the society.

The Poll asked: Would you consider leaving the APS if the board does not begin representing the interests of generalist psychologists?

The results are:

Answer Votes Percent
Yes, I don’t feel represented by the APS 1,058 81%  
Not sure, haven’t made up my mind 127 10%  
No, I still get a lot of value out of my APS membership 115 9%  

The figures show a strong belief (81%) that members would consider leaving the APS if the board does not begin representing the interests of generalist psychologists.  Another 10% are still thinking about leaving and only 9% would not leave.

The trend in the results was fairly constant: over the three week period, the percentage of people saying Yes, increased 6 points from 75% to 81%; those Unsure reduced from 13% to 10%; and those who would not leave fell from 12% to 9%.

We believe further data would only strengthen these trends.

This is the first poll by a group of APS members that we are aware of and we urge the board to consider its implications, which we believe are serious.

Reform APS does not want the APS to split or fall apart. We are a REFORM group that is trying to convince the society’s leaders of the urgent need to represent the real concerns and interests of all members.

We look forward to hearing a response from the board,

Your faithfully,


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