My experience being a ‘Registered Psychologist’

I was quite upset recently hearing  that one of my colleagues (a clinical psych) from my work place mentioned  that, clients need to be aware that Clinical Psychologists have more experience than Generalists and that the receptionists should let clients know about this when they book their appointments.
Not to mention lack of ethics.
This has upset me a lot.  I tried to address this situation at work.  He was dismissive of my expertise and qualifications and that of my colleagues who are also Generalists.
Not to mention that I am much older in age.
I also get referrals from the G.P’s addressing my name as Clinical Psychologist, for which I have to remind them that I am not.  I keep saying that there’s no differences in the way we work, it’s only a matter of different qualifications.
They have, so far, been very happy with my client’s outcomes.
I strongly believe doctors need to receive education about what we do as Generalists.
I have been working as a Registered Psychologist in W.A for 9 years after recognition of my overseas qualifications, which took me 8 years to achieve.  I had to train myself again as if I was attending University for the second time, had to work under supervision for two years.
I did years of professional development as you must, in order  to comply with the Policies.
I had a background in Psychotherapy and Systemic Approach.  I did research in my country in the Psychosomatic area, and  studies for 6 years in Psychoanalysis.  I don’t need to mention my whole area of expertise.
This recognition has cost me time, energy, money and lots of stress.  However, I didn’t give up because this career has been my passion all my life.  I enjoy all the difference I have made and still making in thousands of people.
I am over 55 now, and I have to hear this nonsense from other sources.
I am using the APS website to my benefit as clients can now access my private practice through that website.  Also, by the fact that I speak three languages.
I would like to know what other ways, are you thinking of promoting ourselves if we disengage from the APS?.

Lastly, I am pleased to hear about the RAPS poll.

Thanks for your support, attention and energy put into it.

Registered Psychologist-MAPS


3 thoughts on “My experience being a ‘Registered Psychologist’

  1. On “My experience being a ‘Registered Psychologist’” [WA psych overhearing a clinical colleague coaching receptionists to tell clients that clinical’s have more experience than generalists].

    I would encourage the WA Psych to consider submitting an ethics complaint against this clinical psych, to see how the APS Ethics committee respond to the arrogant clinical culture (see final comments).

    First, the relevant sections of the APS code:
    C.1.2. Psych’s avoid…disreputable conduct that reflects negatively on the profession or discipline of psych.
    C.2.1. Psych’s communicate honestly in the context of their psychological work.
    C.2.3. Statements made by psychs in announcing … psych services,…, must not contain:
    (a) any statement which is false, fraudulent, misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive;
    (c) any statement claiming or implying superiority for the psychologist over any or all other psychologists;
    (d) any statement intended or likely to create false or unjustified expectations of favourable results;
    C.3.4. Psychologists declare to clients any vested interests they have in the psychological services they deliver, including all relevant funding, licensing and royalty interests.

    Reporting this inappropriate behaviour is valuable, not matter what the outcome:

    • C.7.2. (b) (c) encourages Psych’s to report inappropriate conduct to the APS and/or reg, body. The APS may dismiss this claim as frivolous, citing C.7.3. However, is not a violation of ethics a violation of ethics. If this occurs, it is a clear statement by an APS Committee that they support the arrogance of the clinical college members, and are not willing to take a stand against them.
    • If the APS does investigate and find against the clinical psych, they have been forced to take action against the clinical faction.

  2. I am so angry to hear of my colleagues battles. I have been a self employed psychologist for 30 years. Prior to this I was a Div 1 Nurse working in Emergency and later lecturing nurses in Psychology at a major teaching hospital. I am also a qualified secondary teacher.
    I have treated the most challenging cases with great success, many of these DID’s who required knowledge, maturity, courage, experience, to name a few qualities. I paid for my own way to upskill in areas I had not been prepared for by academincs.
    I don’t care as much about the rebate as I do the total insult to we mature, experienced, skilled consulting psychologists who are regarded as less entitled.
    You must be joking APS!. The problem from my point of view is those who pushed for the word “clinical” are “wannabe medical doctors” academics who teach because they cannot practice in the real world and promote the extra university training to ensure their ongoing employment.
    Let’s bring on this spill.

  3. Dear Registered Psychologist who blogged previoiusly:
    You must be my Twin! I’ve had the exact same experience, Coming from the USA, I had to take the long road to requalify, even though I came with top marks in Psychology from good universities. Here in Perth I was rejected for both counselling and clinical programs, so I undertook a guided supervision and got some extra RPL working off my own bat, taking me another 8 years. And graduating with a Ph.D. at age 47 (thus giving me the much touted “scientist” part of the “scientist-practitioner” model). Yet I frequently have to justify to insurers, hospitals, clinics, and GPs, why my 38 years of applied psychology experience deserves a look-at for a referral. Many of the hiring managers or practice managers do not know anything about my qualifications nor about this artificial two-tier-strategy generated by a small faction within the APS. Highly trained and highly experienced Professionals like myself and the previous correspondent are automatically excluded in the Job Descriptions posted on Seek and Indeed job search engines. Once sought by hospitals and clinics and schools professionals like myself are now marginalised, and by our own kind! No longer is there a level playing field. What a loss to the society and to the consumer, not to mention the profession. The APS has neglected us for too long, its time to take action now, or be relegated to the back regions of practice by our colleagues. I will not go silently into irrelevance and scrounging for meager employment opportunities (casual, on call, short term, tenuous, discontinuous work, the subject of my Ph.D.)
    Lets act together, now! Support Reform APS and all its activities so you are not relegated to the back yard chicken coop with the two-tier medicare system, occasionally called upon to produce the occasional egg (therapy session) to remind you of your value.

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