RAPS Poll is now heading for 400!

Dear RAPsters,

The RAPS poll has climbed to over 380 votes so far today and should reach 400 overnight.

The Yes votes have edged up slightly to 77%, with the Unsures the same at 13%, and the No’s slightly lower at 10%.

The number of respondents voting ‘yes or are unsure’ about leaving the APS if nothing improves for Generalists, is now at 90%. Only 10% are saying  a definite No.

We need more votes  to reach our goal of 10% the 11,000 APS Generalists’ votes!

Tell your friends and colleagues to vote NOW – to get their voices heard.


2 thoughts on “RAPS Poll is now heading for 400!

  1. FYI: Parliament of Australia
    In relation to the two- tier system,

    The Department of Health and Ageing notes that the two-tier system has been the case since the implementation of the Better Access initiative, and ‘based on advice from the psychology profession’.[1]

    6.22 The Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Psychologists stated that the higher rebate for clinical psychologists is vital to the public interest—that the general population needs to be able to compare clinical and non-clinical psychologists in order to make informed choices when accessing psychological services:
    In the best interests of the public, who cannot be reasonably expected en-masse to have the required knowledge-set to easily differentiate who has received accredited specialist training in the provision of evidence-based and scientifically-informed psychological interventions with psychiatric disorder across the entire lifespan and all levels of complexity and severity…[21]

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