We are Not the only Ones in Crisis!

Let’s ask Lucy Johnson to the next APS Conference?

UK clinical psychologist Lucy Johnstone is one of the authors of a post on Mad in America that highlights the opening statement of Mental Health Europe, that “Western psychiatry is in crisis.” As the authors – including psychiatrist Suman Fernando – point out, the statement goes on to deplore “the simplistic and imposed application of… reductionist science” which can “encroach on basic human rights.”

We’ve already pointed out the fact that the BPS’s Division of Clinical Psychology called for a move away from diagnosis and the disease model of mental health and contrasted it with the continuing commitment to that model by Australian clinical psychologists and the APS.

We take the view that the profession in Australia has a responsibility to discuss the implications for mental health patients in this country of this stance, in the wake  of the DSM-5 controversy and the continuing failure of exponents of the bio-medical model to find the bio-markers to prove their theories.

More to the point, we need surely to discuss why the attitudes of clinical psychologists in Australia differ so markedly from those of their colleagues overseas.


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